This beautiful metal bullfinch bird is handmade from Zimbabwe.

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The Eurasian bullfinchcommon bullfinch or bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) is a small passerine Vogel in the finch family, Fringillidae. In Anglophone Europe it is known simply as bullfinch, as it is the original bird to bear the name bullfinch.

The Eurasian bullfinch was listed in 1758 by Linnaeus in the 10th edition of his Systema Naturae under the binomial name Loxia pyrrhula.The Latin word pyrrhula comes from the Greek πυρρός (a flame-coloured bird, from πυρρός flame coloured, from πυρ fire : Pyrrha), a ‘worm eating bird’ that is mentioned by Aristotle. The Latin name for the species had been used by Swiss naturalist Conrad Gesner in his Historiae animalium of 1555.

This bullfinch is handmade from recycled materials.




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